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Checkpoint Gaming Lounge Coming To CARDIFF! But They Need Your Help!

Us nerds are actually very social creatures, as long as we’re in the right environment. Checkpoint Gaming Lounge is aiming to create that environment. You can sit back, chat about games – getting excited about next weeks releases over a beer, and the best part – everyone else is going to nerd out with you. Or you could get some lunch with your mates while hammering out Mileena’s fatality against your nemesis who’s beat your face in more times than you can count, BUT NOT THIS TIME!

But Checkpoint can’t do this without some help from you. This whole thing is groundbreaking for Wales. There is nothing like this in the country yet.

Personally, I’ve been waiting for this for a looooong time. Nerds of a certain age will remember GamesMaster, this pretty much set the scene for spectating gaming in the UK, even during a time when it was against the grain to have anyone over the age of 13 playing computer games. But there was a crazy amount of fun to be had just watching the crowd go nuts after an insane challenge was completed just in the nick of time! Just imagine being IN the crowd!

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W00tstout Is Beer For Geeks!

Over the past few years Wil Wheaton has made a bit of a name for himself as geek ambassador on the internet. From his various interactions he’s admired by geeks worldwide for the example he sets as being proud to be a geek. Some of you may remember years ago it wasn’t “cool” to have a signed issue of Detective Comics. But now thanks to people like Wesley Crusher we can stand proud and not be afraid to reveal our passion!

Wheaton is also a geek about Beer. We all love it, but not all of us take notes on whether there’s a hint of roasted barley or whether it has a high or low bitterness. Wheaton does! And from his passion he has created W00tstout – a beer created by geeks, for geeks!

“Whatever it is that you’re a geek about, it’s not about that thing, it’s about how you love that thing”

Thank you Mr Wheaton!

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