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Black Adam Incoming!

We speculated it quite some time ago
but The Rock has now confirmed it!
I find this pretty exciting, I’m sure DeadGeek will find a way to muddy my cornflakes in the morning, but tonight, what The Rock is cooking smells gooooooooood!


Your First Look At Superman In Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice


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Batman Vs Superman Bows Out of the 2015 Bloodbath

Warner Bros have blinked and pushed their much anticipated Batman/Superman film back to May 2016.
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Wonder Woman Will Appear in Batman Vs Superman

A few weeks ago we scoffed at the notion that the first feature film glimpse of Wonder Woman would be in The Lego Movie.

Thankfully for fans her second appearance will indeed be in Warner Bros upcoming Batman/Superman crossover and she will look like Gal Gadot of The Fast and the Furious fame. Read the rest of this entry

Gravity Trailer


This is the emotion I feel when I watch this trailer. I just really couldn’t care less about this film. I hear an annoying mix of audio and a couple nice visuals and thats about it.

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