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2014 Films We’re Most Excited About

We won’t mess about with silly introductions. You want to see what films are coming up you should be keeping an eye out for right?
Well, read on Nerds! We have trailers and release dates aplenty! Enjoy!

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Top 5 Most Shocking TV Deaths

Every now and again TV writers manage to throw you a complete curve ball. Something that comes out of the dark like… a NINJA! Your jaw drops and it takes you several minutes to compose yourself. You may even need a tissue to dry your eyes.

I’m going to go through the 5 deaths on TV that emptied my kleenex box. I will forewarn you though – spoilers are abound herein. We’ll be going through The Sopranos, The Walking Dead, Arrow, Sons of Anarchy and American Horror Story (although not in that order, wouldn’t want to spoil our #1 for you.

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Nerd List: 5 Moments of Badassery (From 5 Fictional Losers)

We can’t all be John McClane. We really, really wish we could, but it’s not happening. If transported into a fictional setting, most of us would end up as, at best, a despised Lieutenant or at worst, an underling or comic relief. But every once in a while, a born loser rises, if just for a moment, to show the world that if you push them hard enough, they’ll pull out an ace. Read the rest of this entry

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