Book Review: Worry Wart by Dani Abram


Over the last few weeks the subject of mental well being has been on a lot of people’s lips. What do words like depression, stress and anxiety mean? How do you help someone who suffers and how do you ask for help if you suffer yourself?

Dani Abram’s Worry Wart is a touching and deeply personal look at what it means to suffer from anxiety. As insightful as it is enjoyable, it is a collection of comics and diary entries that help paint a picture Abram’s mindset as she comes to understand what she is dealing with and how to overcome it.

I say personal because she isn’t afraid to really let us in on how her anxiety affected her, both mentally and physically. While the comics look at the anxiety with an element of hindsight, the diary entries give a very honest idea of Abram’s thoughts during her high points and low points.  She is also open enough with us to admit where, in the past, she herself hindered her progress by not being honest.

Complimenting the text, her vibrant and frankly adorable illustrations allow her to visualise her anxiety from the mundane to the abstract. It’s a remarkable accomplishment and further explains how confusing and frustrating the condition can be.

Worry Wart is a wonderful little book that manages to contextualise a condition that not all of us understand. You can feel an element of catharsis from Abram and the message is clear; you’re not alone and there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Read it if you want to understand anxiety better or read it so you know you’re not on your own, just make sure you read it.

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