*UPDATED* SDCC 2014: Wonder Woman Reveal and Batman V Superman Teaser



Ah San Diego…I’ve run out of Anchorman quotes without getting into a Whales anatomy. Anyway San Diego is powering on and today Warner Bros. hit up Hall H with some a little, low key something. Nothing special really.

Psych! I lied. Firstly they gave a brief but epically sounding Dawn of Justice teaser. I say sounding because as 99% of us weren’t in Hall H (reports are the queues were around 12 hours) all we currently have is a description of the teaser. Those teases.


The clip was pretty short, running less than a minute. On a rooftop in the thunder and pouring ran, Batman – in full Frank Miller armour – pulls a cover off the Batsignal. The glow of the illuminated Bat in the sky shines on it’s target. Superman is floating in the sky, and a closer view of The Man of Steel’s face shows his eyes glowing red with heat vision. Back to The Dark Knight staring back with white glowing eyes, the most manly stare down begins. Title card, cut and the crowd goes wild.

Short but pretty sweet. Miller armour confirmed. Heat vision can’t be anything but awesome. However Warner Bros. weren’t done there.

This image has just been leaked from the teaser:

Those eyes. That armour.

After the panel with Affleck, Cavill and Gadot the following image was released. I hope your ready…our first glance of Wonder Woman. Do yourself a favour and click on the image for a full size look:


Looks pretty damn good. Tiara? Check. Sword? Check. Could kick the asses of every person in Hall H? Check.

So there we go, we have our Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. Has this been enough to shut up the naysayers? I certainly have been shut up by Batchin alone. Let us know what you think.


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