Batman Vs Superman Finally Gets a Title


… and a subtitle.

When it comes time to finally see DC’s flag ship characters tussle on the big screen we will be asking for tickets for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but we’ll probably just mumble “Batman”.

It just feels so focus grouped doesn’t it? Wasn’t Batman Vs Superman enough? Even the most casual media outlets over the last eight months have been reporting BvS news while dropping details about the Justice League. Is the word ‘Justice’ in the title of this film going to make any difference? Setting up the sequel in a film is nothing new, setting it up in the title is pretty amazing.

The title does very little to dampen my enthusiasm that last week’s Batman image gave me… but man that title. So unnecessarily clunky. It sounds like a sequel to one of Midway’s Mortal Kombat/ DC Beat Em Ups.

It gives no indication of quality at all so it makes little difference but it does come across as a little unsure of itself. In 2008 Warner Bros. dropped the word ‘Batman’ from a Batman film because ‘The Dark Knight’ was the best title for that film. Where is that confidence now?


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