It’s Not A Rumour. It’s Not A Bad Joke. Roberto Orci Will Direct Star Trek 3


We didn’t report this because we truly, truly believed it was a joke, but here we are… Paramount have hired someone who hasn’t directed a thing in his life to helm Star Trek 3.

I am starting to genuinely believe that Roberto Orci (and his writing partner Alex Kurtzman) have kidnapped the children of every major Hollywood executive and are holding them to ransom. I just don’t understand why this man is one of THE go to guys in Hollywood. I can’t understand why a company like Sony watched Star Trek Into Darkness and said “We’ll have what they’re having.”

We were talking about The Amazing Spider-Man 2 recently and I suddenly felt a pang of sympathy for Kurtzman and Orci*. They weren’t paid to write a coherent story they were given a list of sequences and told to put them in order. They failed miserably and entirely but you can see where the blame lies there.

And I think that’s the issue, these studios don’t want artists. They want people who will take their square peg ideas and hammer it into a film’s round hole.

There are two things going for the Star Trek franchise, the cast and JJ Abrams undeniable talent as a filmmaker. The latter is gone. Without sounding dramatic I think Paramount have killed Star Trek with this decision, there’s no ‘maybe’ about this. This will be a disaster.

*Actually Orci gets no sympathy. Aside from being one of the worst screenwriters working today, he’s also an aggressive idiot who throws his toys out of the pram at the first whiff of criticism.


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