Batfleck and the Batfleck-mobile Look Amazing



Yesterday Zack Snyder teased us with the covered back end of the new Batmobile, promising more to come.


It was very nice and all but Synder didn’t really give much away…until now!

Snyder came through in style and released the following image and it’s stunning:

batfleck large

I know right. Do yourself a favour and go back, click to enlarge and just absorb it all in, it’s ok I’ll wait right here. Now there is a brightened version and HOLY COD PIECE Batman, but I’ll let you find that yourself.

The Batmobile is clearly a lot different to the Tumbler we were given in the Nolanverse and has a touch of Burton to it in my opinion. As for the suit, well it’s brilliant.

Now there’s no confirmation that it’s definitely Affleck in the picture but the odds are it is him – there’s no escaping that chin – but if it is him then he’s looking quite the beefcake. The suit looks to be thinner and less armour plated than previous incantations, specifically Bale’s, there is decidedly less rubber and thank whatever you believe in that there are no nipples. There is a new Bat logo which is a remarkably faithful rendition of Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns Batsuit, potentially giving us more insight into the storyline.

The internet’s reaction seems to be quite positive so far and this picture instilled an assurance in the project I admit I haven’t had so far. The lack of armour plating seems to hint at a Batman with confidence in his own abilities and the lighter looking material will hopefully lead to some sweet martial arts action. Redditor NotBatman374 summed up the new look perfectly:

Fear is his armor. The darkness his shield. His fist….well thats still a fist. but a BAT-fist.

The look is taken Straight from Miller’s comic book, so if Snyder sticks to the source material this should be on a good path. Tell us what you think Batfans? Hit us up on Facebook or Twitter.


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