Agent Carter Is Coming And She Has A Poster


The Agent Carter short on the Iron Man 3 DVD (Or BluRay if you’re one of those future people) is legitimately one of the best things Marvel Studios have done. I wish they had held it back and shown it before The Winter Soldier.

So it’s good news! ABC have ordered a series. It will star Hayley Attwell as the titular agent and see her in the early days as a founder of SHIELD. A World War 2 spy series set in the Marvel universe pushes all of my buttons.

Speaking of SHIELD ABC has also given the go ahead for a second series, three weeks ago I wouldn’t have cared but the series has really turned around in the last few episodes. For some it may be too little too late but for me it’s clicking. It feels like it’s finally found it’s footing and knows the kind of show it is. Plus they referenced The Tardis last week.

What do you think? Are you up for weekly adventures with Peggy Carter? Are you invested in the SHIELD team? who will win Eurovision?


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  1. I agree on Shield, post-winter solider episodes have really hit the mark. I am worried about the Ward/Sky romance though, I had enjoyed that they didn’t go with the obvious for once.

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