Zack Snyder Will Direct The Justice League.


In an interview with the Wall Street Journal Greg Silverman of Warner Bros. confirmed what most people suspected, Man of Steel 2 will be followed by The Justice League.

There’s been so much speculation and back and forth about this that it’s almost weird to hear official, official confirmation but there it is. There’s a Justice League Movie coming. How do ya like them apples?

It’s peculiar as well because Man of Steel 2 will already feature Batman, Wonder Woman and Cyborg. I’d be interested to see how prominent Wonder Woman and Cyborg will be in the sequel because if most of the Justice League show up in this then surely it’ll take a bit of the shine of the ‘Big Team Up Movie’ that follows it.

At least there’s a direction now, something to move towards. Two years ago Warner Bros. looked hopeless. They’re still about ten years behind Marvel but now there’s a plan.

All eyes are on Snyder now.


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