Top Game Picks From PAX East 2014

warning: Scenes of GORE are contained in the following trailers. If that isn’t your bag – try this instead.

With that said. We’ll take a look at The Evil Within first.

Looks like Resident Evil eh? But Resident Evil: The Early Years. It’s got that same closed off, narrow path, one real direction to go – feel. Lately I get really nostalgic for the games from my childhood/teenage years – it surely isn’t a coincidence that 8 bit games are making such a huge comeback (one of the main highlights at PAX is the indie game scene). The beast with the safe on it’s head is surely a nod to the Silent Hill series?



This is one of those games that I’m only going to play during the daylight – asylum horror stories creep me out! Plus – excellent tag line – “Will ¬†you be able to live with yourself knowing ehat I’m going to make you do?”.


The next big title that caught my attention was Wolfenstein: The New Order. The Nazi’s won World War II with the help of “occult scientists” and you’re part of the resistance trying to bring down the Nazi regime. It looks like a pretty good all out action beast with some futuristic guns combined with the old faithful Nazi story line. The story line is probably getting a little tired now – I’m not sure how many more Nazi’s gamers are interested in killing but the world hasn’t quite gotten it’s revenge yet!

These were the games that really stuck out for me – let me know what your top picks were on Facebook or Twitter.


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