Godzilla Is On The Horizon

The next Godzilla trailer is upon us, The Beast himself isn’t too far away either!

Bryan Cranston’s voiceover is brilliant here, it’s Heisenberg-esque enough for it to give you the chills (he’s not playing around) but also different enough for you to look forward to something new. The man is a vocal genius.

Most of the imagery isn’t a whole lot different than what we saw in the last trailer, but they really pushed the fact that Godzilla is a massive government cover up this time around. It also feels very apocalyptic which I think works to its advantage – there’s a whole lot more depth here than we saw in the 90s.

Overall it’s shaping up pretty good and we don’t have long before we find out just how Heisenberg Cranston will be (because that’s all anyone is really watching this for right?!)


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