Nerdarena does Cardiff Film and Comic Con – March 2014


The 2014 Cardiff Comic Con was Nerdarena’s second Con experience and this time we weren’t messing around. We had provisions (a Wispa Gold and two cans of Vanilla coke… between four of us) a photographer, a video camera and a host of (suitably nerdy) interview questions.

As much fun as the last con was, the 2014 model outdid it. One thing we all noticed was that while attendance matched last July’s con, the revised layout and placement of the stands and guests allowed much more room to move around the Motorpoint arena. Put it this way, last year we watched in horror as a Harley Quinn knocked over Thor, Merida, Khal Drogo and a sweet stand as she tried to drag her hammer through an aisle. Now that we think about none of us stopped to help. Wow, we’re horrible people. Rest assured that wouldn’t have happened this year.

The cosplayers turned it up to eleven this year. The professionalism of some of the costumes blew us away as you can see in our gallery. The beauty of an event like this though is that even the umm… weaker efforts have a charm about them that is infectious. I would have no problem seeing Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth don what Cardiff’s “Drunk Avengers” were wearing. I mean I can’t see their Iron Man flying anywhere but man did he look fabulous.

For the first time we got the chance to interview some of the attendees. Look out for the videos soon. We are quite fond of the look of relief on our interviewees faces when they realise that rather being asked about important stuff like Crimea or the economy we asked if they’d prefer a Lightsaber or Adamantium Claws.

We visited some fine exhibits, with a select few catching our eye. The guys who write a comic about a space mercenary Lou Scannon we’re delight, even after we let our photographer Lee Lee fumble her way through an interview – we will release the highly edited blooper soon! The ever wonderful Ian and Dani from Razarhawk challenged us to a game of Warmachine, even after I bought issue #2. Speaking of which, you much check the comic out, Kitty Hawk Kicks Ass! The highlight of the weekend was visiting Lewis Giles Painting. The guy is talented beyond belief, so talented we bought a bunch of his prints.

Check out the gallery below to see the amazing work of these insanely talented individuals and keep an eye our for the interviews coming soon!

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