American Horror Story Season 4: Theme Revealed



In the words of co-creator Ryan Murphy AHS season 3 ‘Coven’ was his favourite season yet and he’d love to have continued it into another season. Sadly he stands by the fact this show is all about spin offs and those Witches will be nowhere near season 4. So what does Ryan Murphy and his team have in store for us?

The latest news from writer Douglas Petrie is sure to excite all you AHS fans as much as it excites me (A LOT). While talking to the Nerdist Writers Panel Podcast he has revealed that season 4 will be set in a 1950s Carnival. No further details have been given but I’ve no doubt this will be a scary ride as the writers and creators have yet to fail us.

Jessica Lange will take on the lead role once again for what she says will be her last season. The ‘Carnival’ season has been given the usual 13 episodes and will return to FX in October 2014 with a UK air date hopefully not too far behind.

No other details have been given about the cast or storyline but creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk will appear on a panel at PaleyFest in LA on 28 March 2014 so fingers crossed we get some more info!


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