Super Bowl! Transformers: Return of Jafar Spot Has Grimlock In It!

Football happened! The Indiana Jones’ trounced the New York Knicks and we get to enjoy some teasers for trailers for films! Everyone wins! Except the New York Knicks…

It’s a case of thrice bitten, four times shy when it comes to Michael Bay’s Transformers movies.
They are awful. They are stupid. They are unpleasant. They are visually impressive. They last eight hours. This looks no different. Although I like Mark Wahlberg so his presence will help bring a bit of freshness.

I’m not going to be swayed by machine gun wielding robots Bay, you hear me? No I don’t care if it’s parachuting? What’s that? Optimus Prime has a sword? Yeah I know that he had one in the… What? He’s riding the robot dinosaur? No I don’t carOH FINE I’LL WATCH IT!



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