Batman Vs Superman Bows Out of the 2015 Bloodbath

Warner Bros have blinked and pushed their much anticipated Batman/Superman film back to May 2016.

Common Sense! I think most people assumed that summer 2015 was far too optimistic for a project this big. Disney evidently felt the same with Star Wars and now next summer doesn’t feel quite as crowded as it did six months ago.

This is all good news. For everyone in fact. The story for this needs to be watertight and this extra time will allow for the necessary preparation.

This news has honestly got me more excited for this than the original announcement.


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  1. Reblogged this on THE EXTREMIS REVIEW and commented:
    This is interesting. Perhaps, it means that WB is hesitant about its film. After the lacklustre (in my opinion misguided) luke warm response to Man of Steel, perhaps they are feeling the strain and don’t want to compete with the tried and true Avengers.

    Read on, my Extremites!

    • Think they’ve realised they’ve made a huge mistake with there timeline and realised there is no way they can get anything decent done with the original release date. But yes Man of Steel was not good.

  2. Totally. There really is no comparison between the 2 in my eyes, Marvel far outshine DC

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