The Walking Dead 4.07 ‘Dead Weight’

The Nerds have been battling crime and robots and, oddly enough, LARPers of late and have fallen behind on our televisual obligations. Happily, Slayer is on the case and will be giving you our catch ups in a large, zombie horde-like, dose.


As we near the mid-season finale we continue on Brian AKA ‘The Governor’s’ journey and another episode solely dedicated to him. Recapping on last week’s episode we’re reminded that he’s joined Lilly, her daughter Meghan and sister Tara and bumped into an old pal Caesar Martinez as they were set upon by a group of walkers.


Caesar has set up camp with a new group of survivors and agreed to take Brian and the girls in but not before making sure Brian knows that he will have to fall in line and do as he says.
Meghan and Brian continue to build on their relationship as he now refers to her as pumpkin. Lilly wants to set up a nurses base for the camp and Brian isn’t convinced it’s the best place for them.

Brian joins Caesar on a trip to a cabin they’ve been told about and along the way they find decapitated bodies tied up with signs saying Liar and Rapist nailed to them. As they reach the cabin they’re attacked by walkers inside and find the heads of the bodies. After gathering supplies Caesar tells Brian he sees he has changed and Brian says he has.

Back at camp Caesar enjoys drinks with Brian and the girls and then takes Brian to play a little golf. Brian attacks Caesar with a golf club and feeds him to a herd of walkers stuck in one of their traps. Seems good old Brian hasn’t changed after all.

After finding the remains of Caesar, Pete takes charge of the group temporarily and asks Brian for help. The go on a run and come across another group that have set up camp. Pete wants to take them in but concerned that there isn’t enough supplies to go around Pete’s brother Mitch suggests they rob them instead. Pete won’t entertain this suggestion and leads them off to hunt for food.

After an unsuccessful hunt Brian takes them back to the camp they found only to discover they’re all dead and someone else has taken the food they had. When they return Brian tells Lilly and Meghan to pack and that night they attempt to leave the camp. As they leave they discover the road is blocked by a large group of walkers that have got themselves stuck in mud. They return to camp and the following morning Brian visits Pete and kills him.

Brian then visits Pete’s brother Mitch and tells him what he’s done. He tells Mitch he will do whatever it takes to keep the camp safe and asks him to join him never having to worry about whether what he is doing is right or wrong as long as it is in the best interests of the camp.

Brian wastes no time in taking charge of the camp and securing the boundaries.

Meghan is attacked by a walker while playing. Brian knows the camp isn’t safe and it seems he has his eye on a better location. Bringing us back to the end of episode 5 he goes to the prison and watches Rick and the others.
So ‘The Govener’ is back. He’s ruthless in his mission to provide safety to his new family and I can’t see it’s going to end the way he plans. We’re left with a teaser for next week’s mid season finale and I can’t wait. Rick and the others are once again forced to protect their safe haven when Brian convinces his new camp to join him in taking over the prison.


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