Tarantino is Giving us Another Western


It’s hard to rank Tarantino films (apart from Death Proof, that’s very easy to rank) but I think few would argue with Django being pretty near the top. It’s a film that manages to be funny and horrifying and immensely entertaining and tragic. The good news then, is that QT is returning to the frontier.

Speaking to Jay Leno the acclaimed director and Shutter Downer of Butts officially announced ‘The Hateful Eight’, because if you’re going to homage John Sturges you may as well one up him as well.

So far the only thing we know is that Christoph Waltz and Bruce Dern are confirmed.

I always flip flop on Tarantino. I’m one of those Neanderthals that really doesn’t get Jackie Brown and find Kill Bill to be bloated and self indulgent.

Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction on the other hand are modern classics and Inglorious Basterds and Django are undeniable. Plus Tarantino and Waltz are the greatest cinematic pairing since Scorcese met De Niro.

All aboard!


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