My Top 10 Buffy Episodes


If you haven’t watched Buffy then first of all where have you been? Second of all – do it, NOW! Buffy is hands down my all time favourite TV show. Even 10 years after the series ended there is a massive fan base and, more than ever, people want to see it’s return! #BringBackBuffy is buzzing with hype from fans begging for Joss Whedon to revive Buffy, not only because it was so epic but because we are seriously missing a strong female character in film and TV.


Being a hardcore Buffy fan, I decided to share a list of my top 10 all time favourite episodes. I have to admit I didn’t realise how hard this task would be. There are so many amazing episodes for so many different reasons.

Even deciding on my favourite season isn’t easy. It has to be season 4 though. simply because the filler episodes are by far the best of any season, even if the finale was weak and Adam was an awful bad guy.

So after much deliberation here are my top 10 favourite Buffy episodes:

1. Once More With Feeling.

There aren’t many shows that pull off a musical special. Buffy didn’t just pull it off – they made it EPIC! The episode was so amazing because of how relevant the songs were to what was going on. They could’ve easily made up a load of songs and passed it off as they were under a spell, which I don’t think we would’ve minded, but the genius that is Joss Whedon made it mean so much more. The pain Buffy was going through after Willow brought her back from heaven couldn’t have been confessed in a more dramatic way. I love all the songs in this episode, seriously all of them. I know them off by heart and I’m still waiting for someone to make this into a West End musical.

2. Hush.

Any Buffy fan will rate this episode highly; it’s one of the most terrifying episodes of any TV show ever! The fairytale feel it has makes it all the more eerie and the complete lack of dialogue leaves us feeling very uneasy. The fact the monsters of the show ‘The Gentleman’ rips out people’s hearts is bad enough but knowing they can’t scream for help makes it so much worse. The Gentleman themselves are uber terrifying and some of the most frightening looking monsters I’ve seen. Again this was a season 4 filler just to back up my argument on how amazing season 4 actually is, despite the terrible finale.

3. Chosen.

I hate this episode simply because it’s the last ever one. Let’s face it whatever they did wouldn’t have been good enough. The first time I watched it left me feeling empty, unsure of how I felt about how the series ended. That being said the more I have watched this episode and in time come to terms with the fact Buffy is over the more I appreciate it. The way the Scooby gang face ‘The First’ head on and make the decision to end this fight on their own terms sums up the courage they’ve shown throughout the series. Yes, Buffy has had no choice but to fight the bad guys but for the rest of the gang to jump onboard and risk their lives on a daily basis is something special. Willow becoming a ‘goddess’ after all she has been through to put dark willow behind her was an essential end for her character, we all love Willow and we know she isn’t the mean Willow she became in season 6. That final smile from Buffy just says it all.

4. The Gift.

Season 5 was possibly one of the weakest series overall, the filler episodes weren’t as good as other seasons but the season finale was my favourite of all. I’m not going to deny it, I was inconsolable after watching this episode for the first time and back then I wasn’t even sure there would be a season 6. The end of this episode was so final in fact it would’ve been a perfect end to the whole show – Buffy dying to protect not only her sister but the world pretty much sums up her role as a Slayer and drives home the pain and tough decisions that come with such a burden.

5. Graduation Day Part 1 & 2.

The only thing better than a girl on girl fight is a Slayer on Slayer fight. Buffy finally loses it when Faith poisons Angel and goes after her blood, literally. It didn’t save Angel but it eliminated Faith from the Graduation Day fight against The Mayor and I think if she hadn’t done this it would’ve been a very different outcome. This was one of the best season finales and even with the questionable CGI of The Mayor monster it’s still brilliant TV. Of course we also say goodbye to Angel in this episode as he leaves to star in his own show.

6. This Year’s Girl/Who are you?

Faith brought a lot to Buffy – it’s very rare that her appearance doesn’t make for an excellent episode. Faith wakes from her coma and doesn’t waste any time in getting revenge on Buffy for what she did to her and The Mayor. We’re treated to quite a few epic Slayer on Slayer fights and Faith uses a device to body swap with Buffy and it’s done excellently. Her naughty meeting with Spike and her special moment with Riley was Faith at her bad girl best.

7. Becoming Part 1 & 2.

How we hate Xander for not telling Buffy that Willow is casting a spell to return Angel’s soul and how we cry when Buffy has to kill the love of her life to save the world. Need I say more?

8. Fear Itself.

This is another season 4 filler episode that may not show up on many top 10 lists but I love it! I love Anya dressing up as a bunny on Halloween because she finds them so scary. I also love that the bad guy of the episode looks terrifying in the book but that the sketch is the demon’s ‘actual size’. Just a fun episode I couldn’t leave off my list!

9. The Body.

This is an episode I almost left off the list because of how deeply sad it is. Losing a truly loved character for us was hard enough, but to see Buffy lose her mother was just heart wrenching. Not to mention the way this episode was filmed, with no background music and very little dialogue it really portrayed how devastating such a loss can be. We see Buffy turn to a little girl who has shown strength through so much, knowing that this is only possible because of the support she has from her family and friends.

10. Beauty and the Beast.

I loved this episode, a third season filler and a great little storyline. Someone is violently killing people and the marks on the victims suggest the deaths were caused by a wild animal and the Scooby gang suspect Werewolf Oz. Buffy on the other hand is worried it’s Angel who has just returned from some hell dimension and is out of his mind and at this point no one else is aware of his return. Turns out it’s none of the above but Oz and Angel both do their part to stop the real beast. The episode ends with Angel falling at Buffy’s feet in floods of tears as she finally realises her one true love has returned and may actually be the Angel she fell in love with.

There you have it, my top 10 Buffy episodes with Once More With Feeling making it to my number one spot! What do you think about my top 10? Do you think I missed an epic episode out? Please share your thoughts over on Facebook and Twitter.


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  1. I can’t do it. I can’t pick just 10 no matter how hard I try. See, I’d have every single one of your list on mine but then there’s others I’d want to add like Dopplegangland and Tabula Rasa and Restless and I wouldn’t be able to stop 😀
    I love every single ep on your list, especially OMWF which I already wore out one CD because it’s the only CD I listen to in my car 😀
    LOVE the body switch episodes (obviously,lol) and yay for Fear Itself, love that ep so much!
    The only one I can’t watch yet (although I’ve seen it many times before) is The Body since I lost my Mom a few months ago I can’t, not yet anyway, but the ep itself is amazing-

    Did you happen to catch the People’s Choice Awards the other night? When Sarah Michelle Gellar won for The Crazy Ones it was so awesome that she spent most of her time publicly thanking all the Buffy fans; when she began saying “For seven years…..” I was all weepy and proud of our girl the Buffster ❤

    So Team Bangel huh 😉 I'm more of a Spuffy girl myself (though I also love Spike and Dru, especially in S2 and in flashbacks) but all the love for Joss and his incredible mind ❤

    You're my hero 😀

    • Wow thanks for such a lovely comment! I’m so glad you enjoyed the read! I agree it’s a tough job, ‘The Wish’ would’ve been number 11, I love vampire willow too!
      Aw, I haven’t watched The People’s Choice but SMG had my vote and since she’s joined twitter she has always given love to her Buffy fans which is great to see especially after all these years.
      Yep Team Angel although I do love Spike.
      Thanks again & I’m sorry to hear about your Mum , stay strong x

  2. Hi! I am writing a feature article for my portfolio at uni about monsters now and then and how they are nowadays considered as romantic heroes instead of being scared of them like in the past, and I’m going to talk about Buffy as a turning point for both monsters and female characters becoming more active. Could you contact me through the Contact section of my web? And I’ll send you a couple of questions to have quotes on the article. Thank you so much!!! Great article BTW

  3. Another 5* review by Slayer!! Keep them coming!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  4. Not a bad list overall but “Fear Itself”? Really?

    Also, season episode for episode is criminally underrated. Now, having said that it doesn’t have the best overall story arc. In fact, it might be the worst. And I disagree that the season 4 finale was terrible; I thought it was very good in a strange way. As well as foreshadowing things to come.

    Now, here is by far my biggest gripe. It has to do with your comment on season 5 being the weakest. As far as I’m concerned it is the best overall Buffy season (Even though, season 2 is my personal favorite). The episodes were good to great.The exception that proves the rule? “Listening to Fear”. Not very good. It had quite possibly the best overall story arc of the entire series as well as great character development for our Scoobies. And considering how dark and serious this season was, what with Riley leaving (no big loss there), the impending doom that was Glory, and Joyce’s illness and death, there was a good amount of humor. Season 5 was just great from beginning to end.

    • Thank you for commenting and for your feedback! I love to hear so many different opinions.
      I did love season 5. I love all the seasons but for me, the filler episodes were my least favourite of the more recent series. Listening to fear was truly terrifying. I also didn’t take to Dawn initially.
      Thanks again!

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