Razer Are Making A What?

This particular news item confuses the hell out of me.

Razer – known for making top quality PC gaming equipment, announced yesterday that their next big product is one of them new fangled wrist bands that ConnectsToYourPhoneAndDoesLotsOfOtherStuff.

They’ve surprised fans a couple of times over the past few years with their gaming laptop the Razer Blade and also the gaming tablet the Razer Edge. But they always made sense – they were gaming devices. The Razer Nabu (the name of said wrist doodad) is… I don’t know, a phone accessory?

Razer Nabu

I’m sure it will be a nice product and from the (somewhat vague) price tag they’ve announced of under $100 it seems like it will be a hit. But what about gaming? Are they moving away from the game market? Is it too small for them? Maybe they are trying to expand into the general “Peripherals” market from their current “Gaming Peripherals”?

You can keep up to date with news on the product on their Facebook page along with CEO and founder Min-Liang Tan’s page.

What do you think? Is it something you would be interested in buying? Will you be Living Smarter when it’s released?
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