We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Jaeger. The Godzilla Trailer Is Here

The one thing Godzilla ’98 got really right was that it’s marketing (and first act) bent over backwards to convey that Godzilla is seriously, seriously big news.

Sadly the film was balls. Enter Gareth Edwards and this magnificent trailer.

Seriously big news. This is one of those teasers that I wish I had seen without knowing it was a Godzilla trailer. That opening jump is exhilarating all on it’s own and then “Hey I wonder what they’rEOHMYMOUSTACHEITSGODZILLA!”

I spend my life bemoaning how things always seem to go for doom and gloom but that tone really fits here. Godzilla is THE movie monster second only perhaps to King Kong. This trailer announces that with a vengeance.

And if that wasn’t enough, check out this sensational one sheet!


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