Wonder Woman Will Appear in Batman Vs Superman

A few weeks ago we scoffed at the notion that the first feature film glimpse of Wonder Woman would be in The Lego Movie.

Thankfully for fans her second appearance will indeed be in Warner Bros upcoming Batman/Superman crossover and she will look like Gal Gadot of The Fast and the Furious fame.

I’m entirely too snarky and cynical when it comes to DC of late so let’s have some optimism!

This is good news. Warner Bros aren’t wringing their hands anymore and are committing to a shared universe. Barry Allen is hanging out with Oliver Queen and now Diana Prince will be joining (fighting?) Bats and Supes. What they should have been doing years ago is now happening and if she is added organically to the proceedings then it will work. It’s disappointing that the most famous female superhero of all time has to ride the coat tails of two blokes but it’s a start. If they can get the script to work we’re in for a potential treat.

If they can get the script to work.

This film will live or die by it’s script. It needs to be airtight. Man of Steel has it’s fans but it was scuppered by a monstrously stupid script full of idiots. Warners Bros aren’t building a universe the same way their competitor did. They’re throwing it at us in one film and if it doesn’t work their franchise could stall before it starts.

Oh, please by good! We havent a decent Superman film since 1980!


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