Steam Autumn Sale Has Begun!

And there are bargains to be had!

Most of my wish list on steam has a significant discount in addition to what they are pushing on the front page.


The big sellers they are pushing however, are Skyrim (£3.74 or the Legendary edition for £10.19) and The Walking Dead (£5.24). These are some huge savings on the original prices for some brilliant games. Skyrim is just awesome, fact. And Walking Dead by TellTale Games won a boatload of gaming awards last year. Plus there’s a sequel due for release very shortly.

Walking Dead Telltale

Other games (that are on my personal wishlist but not currently being pushed by Steam – Dead Island: Riptide (£9.99). Arkham Origins (£29.99). BioShock Infinite (£12.49). Assassins Creed III (£9.99). Dishonored (£7.49).

If you are thinking about buying any games you may want to consider whether or not they could be in the daily flash sales.

The above games are on offer until 3rd December.

Lets get gaming!

Let us know what you bought over on Facebook or Twitter.


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