Walking Dead 4.05 Internment


The opening scene focuses on Rick driving back to the Prison after leaving Carol to go it alone and as expected of anyone who has made such a huge decision he clearly seems to be second guessing himself. Either that or he’s concerned about what the group will say about her absence. I’d say he should worry about both as the decision wasn’t entirely a selfless one. He is worried about the safety of Carl and Judith and understandably this seems to have been the biggest reason he sent Carol on her way.

Before the opening credits we see how the sick people in isolation are holding up. People are dying and Hershel is hell bent on trying to keep the deaths on the down low to avoid alarming others. Glenn and Sasha are getting gravely ill and Glenn is worried he wont be around to help Hershel much longer.

Maggie is single handedly trying to kill the walkers on the fence giving a clear picture of just how many people they’re down on since the season began. Rick returns and Maggie asks where Carol is, Rick tells Maggie the truth about what Carol did and Maggie tells him that he made the right decision although she doesn’t believe she could’ve done the same. 
Things really are getting bad among the sick and Hershel is struggling to take care of things on his own. Glenn and Sasha are becoming too weak to help and more people die. Hershel tries to make sure all his ‘patients’ are locked in their cells so that if they do die they can’t come back and attack the cell block. When Sasha passes out after helping Hershel with one of the dead he goes to help her failing to notice that just next door someone has died.

It’s only a matter of time before all hell breaks loose and Hershel has to deal with a whole lot more than a group of sick people. Glenn is getting sick to the point where it’s not clear if he can survive even if Daryl gets back with medicine. Actually now to mention it where is Daryl?! 
Maggie runs to the rescue when she hears gun shots coming from the isolation cell and desperately tries to get in to help her father with the walkers. 
At this point I’m on the edge of my seat almost shaking with dread at what is going to happen next. Just waiting for the point when I can relax but no, that point isn’t coming anytime soon as the walkers manage to get through the fence while Carl and Rick are trying to secure them and they manage to get to a somewhat safer place just in time. That was intense. 

Carl and Rick team up and manage to kill all the walkers that have found their way through the fence just as Daryl returns. Finally. 
Bob and Tyreese go to the Isolation cell to provide medicine to Glenn and I just hope they made it in time. Hershel has time to rest and picks up his bible only to close it shortly after, maybe these events are too big a test of his faith? Lets face it after everything even those with the strongest faith would struggle to believe anything could be letting this happen to them. Talk about kicking them when they’re down!

With all the excitement of this episode I almost forgot about Carol but it’s not long before Daryl asks after her and Hershel tells him to speak to Rick. The episode ends before we can see what reaction Daryl has to Rick’s news but not before we see the return of the Governor!
This season has so far seen record ratings and it’s no surprise. Each episode in this season has been nothing short of amazing, even the soundtrack is awesome. We are already 5 episodes in but each episode just feels like it goes so quickly, so much happens it’s hard to breathe before the show ends and then comes the disappointment of having to wait a whole week before we find out what happens next.

The good news is it looks as if Glenn will survive and with the medicine they need they can make it through this illness. One less thing to worry about and as one worry leaves another one arrives. So what is the Governor up to? Is he still after revenge for losing his eye and still determined on bringing the group down? On a sneak peek of next week’s episode it looks as if he is pretty lonely these days so who knows maybe he is looking for a place to call home. If that’s the case he should tap those heels again because there will be no welcome party waiting at those prison gates.


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