The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 3 – Isolation


In a recap of last week’s episode – Infected – we’re reminded of an inside attack on Cell Block D. Those exposed to the virus that caused the incident are separated from the rest of the group and Karen is murdered along with another group member and burned outside the prison.

Tyreese is understandably distraught and wants revenge on whoever killed Karen. Overwhelmed with anger he and Rick get into an altercation and Daryl has to hold Tyreese back. Rick loses control and violently hits out on Tyreese eventually being pulled away by Daryl who tries to calm him down. Rick has been pretty calm and collected until this point when he unleashes blow after blow on Tyreese.


More of the group are becoming sick and many of them are dying. The group decide a run for medical supplies is in order and Daryl gets a team together.

Glenn gets sick and is placed in quarantine – which makes me think (hope) that they do get the medicine needed to help them all recover. They can’t possibly kill off Glenn?! Can they??

This episode is dark and sad, it’s like all hope they had – even through the hell they’ve already endured – is slowly draning from them. They’re dropping like flies and I just wish there wasn’t a baby in the mix as it makes me even more on edge.

Tyreese decides to go on the supply run with Daryl, which is a good job given that there aren’t many healthy people on hand to help! He has a moment with Carol and asks her to look in on Sasha for him. After they chat Carol’s behaviour leads me to think she was responsible for burning Karen. We already know she is teaching the children to use knives to defend themselves and will do whatever it takes to keep the group safe. Why didn’t I consider her before? She seems to be the one left to make the tough decisions Rick has stopped making.


Whist on the run for medical supplies Daryl runs into an army of walkers and when the car gets stuck he and the group make a run for it. Tyreese hesitates before following the rest of the group into the woods and is set upon by a heard of walkers. He enters a Wolverine-esque berserker rage but surely even that won’t be enough to take out all those walkers?! Wrong! Somehow he survives and catches up with the rest of the group, I’m guessing at this point they cant really afford to get rid of anyone else?


The episode ends with Rick asking Carol if she is responsible for killing Karen and she says yes. I knew it! Well, I knew it 15 minutes ago! Caring Carol is the culprit! She murdered two sick people and set them on fire. I get it, she wants to protect the group but why get rid of them so brutally? Even knowing that it was her and knowing she will do what has to be done – I still find it hard to believe Carol is capable of something like that.


I really hope that Daryl lives up to his current hero persona and delivers the meds the group needs to survive this unknown illness. We can’t lose Glenn! At this rate there wont be a cast left to keep the show going!


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  1. I want to point out how funny it is that half the recaps I’ve read mention the burned bodies of Karen +1. Nobody knows the other’s name, and frankly, it’s not really important. I think it’s Donald, by the way. Maybe Daniel?

    And I agree, Glenn better make it. I love that boy.

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