The Walking Dead S04E02 – Infected

Season 4 continued tonight with an action packed, interesting and bloody second episode: Infected. I have to say season 3 left me a little deflated and the season finale was a disappointment but all is forgiven as Season 4 has hit the ground running in what may just be the two single best episodes of the series so far.

After a recap of episode one we see someone feeding a rat to a walker through the prison fence. Using a torch to find their way we’re unable to see who this someone is. Yep another question to add to the list!
We then see Karen and Tyresse getting closer and Karen retires to bed, narrowly missing the new inmate walker, Patrick who we saw turn at the end of the last episode. Initially we’re led to believe Karen would be Patrick’s first victim until he is distracted by another group member coughing. Following the cough the walker enters and bites him in the throat. No one is any of the wiser as he is unable to make a sound.

Come morning Rick and Carl are tending to the crops and Rick shows further signs that he’s not quite right. He doesn’t want to help kill the walkers that are surrounding the prison and tells Carl he can’t either. Disturbed by gunshots within the prison Rick runs to find out what is going on. Michone, who was leaving the prison returns to help but is injured.

Within the infected cell block all hell breaks loose and many of the group lose their lives. Once under control it doesn’t take long for Rick and the others to realise the cause of the outbreak was a virus which killed Patrick and also seems to be the cause Violet the pig’s demise.
The cell block exposed to the virus separate themselves from those who haven’t and they soon discover that other members of the group, including Karen are ill. Attracted by the gun shots more walkers are making their way toward the prison and the fences keeping them out seem to be getting weaker. The group try desperately to kill as many walkers as they can to prevent the fences from coming down completely. They find the dead half eaten rats on the ground near the fence and realise someone has been feeding them.

Rick and Daryl manage to attract the walkers away from the fence using the pigs Rick has farmed as bait. Rick seems to realise that the pigs could’ve been responsible for the outbreak of flu among the group and burns down the pen.
Carl tells Rick that Carol has been teaching the younger members of the group how to use knives without the knowledge of their parents. Rick says he wont say anything to her as Carl suggests he should let her continue. Rick returns Carl’s gun to him and arms himself as the events of the episode has taught him that not having the guns to protect them could cost them their lives.

The episode ends with Tyreese visiting Karen with flowers and finding that she has been murdered and her body dragged outside and burned along with another sick group member. It seems likely the person responsible is also the one who’s been feeding the walkers. Even the emotional, quieter parts of the episode couldn’t be overshadowed by all the excitement. We saw some great character and relationship development throughout the episode.

During an emotional scene with Michone questions are raised about her past and what has happened to trigger such a soul destroying reaction to holding baby Judith.

Carol is becoming a very interesting character this season and it seems maybe some of Daryl’s bad ass ways are rubbing off on her as she shows she can do what has to be done to keep the group and herself safe. It’s a good job really as the dangers they’re facing are no longer just outside the safety of the prison fences.
The most important question we want answered is who’s feeding rats to the walkers? Could it be crazy Rick? Do you think you know who it is? Let us know and check out the trailer for next week’s episode below.


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