“This Isn’t Freedom. This is Fear.” Captain America: The Winter Soldier Has a Trailer.

Now we’re talking

As much as I enjoyed Iron Man 3 and am looking forward to Thor: The Dark World, this is where it’s at for me. Ask anyone who’s read Ed Brubaker’s Captain America run and they’ll tell you that it’s one of the best Cap stories and The Star Spangled Man’s second solo cinematic outing seems to echo it nicely.

Everyone learned the wrong lessons from The Dark Knight when it hit in 2008, mainly that it worked because it was all dark and gritty. The Dark Knight worked so well because Nolan realised that a comic book film could be a crime epic. Here Marvel are giving us a spy thriller. Seriously, floating fortress and flying Anthony Mackie aside, this could be a Jack Ryan film.

I simply can not wait.


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