Agents of SHIELD Will Get a Full Season

In news that will surprise no one Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD has been officially picked up for 22 episodes and will run for at least one full season.

Great, I suppose. At the moment the show is running completely on the goodwill of Marvel’s cinematic output. Even the most enthusiastic viewers I’ve spoken to don’t get more excited than “I think it’s ok”.

We’re three episodes in, so of course there’s room for improvement, but at the moment there’s just no ambition here. The program looks flat and uninteresting, the characters are barely one note* and the action is… well, flat and uninteresting.

Worst of all there’s no threat. Not every series needs a big convoluted mythology but at this stage you need something to keep you invested and Skye and her hacker group won’t cut it.

I’m not sure what I was expecting, but I wasn’t expecting SHIELD to be so conservative and safe. Coming from a studio that just had one of the biggest financial gambles ever pay off massively it’s just odd. Sometimes crushingly mediocre is worse than outright bad.

*Seriously, it feels like someone thought of the Fitz/Simmons gag then just gave up on them.


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