Iron Man and…M&M’s


I am a massive Marvel fan boy and have defended Marvel a lot. I’m also a massive Iron Man fan and have defended the Iron Man comic books and films a lot. However it’s getting a lot harder to defend when they insist on teaming Iron Man up with commercial entities. 

Iron Man is currently teaming up with Yellow and Red of M&M’S fame to fight M.O.D.O.C.K. Marvel have confirmed the following: “IRON MAN & THE M&M’S® IN: ARMORED…AND IRRESISTIBLE! finds the colorful candy characters attending a party thrown by Tony Stark and Pepper Potts to celebrate the brilliant inventor’s latest creation, Stark Tech Automated Remotes, pod-shaped floating armors that will work with local law enforcement to keep communities safe.” Why would he ever think of building suits to fit confectionery?

It wasn’t that long ago when Tony simply couldn’t get by without his trusty Audi R8. Yes I know he has a flying suit! No I don’t know why he would need an car other than a form of advertising!


Again the official synopsis of this piece of corporate trash, straight from Marvel says: “Screaming down the Autobahn in his Audi R8 Spyder on his way to an important meeting, Tony Stark gets waylaid by a roadblock set up to stop a team of thieves. After he gets past the roadblock, a beautiful brunette really takes Tony off-course. Find out what happens next in this exciting new Iron Man 2 digital comic brought to you exclusively by Audi!”. Seriously I read this and it was terrible.

Diabolical shilling or necessary evil? Either way I’m not a fan of these advert ‘special’ editions.



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