The Originals


Oh yes, it’s that time of year where we can get excited about all our favourite shows returning and we get to check out some new shows. As the days get colder and shorter, I can’t think of a betterway to spend my evenings than curled up on the sofa with some great TV. The show I’m most looking forward to getting to know is The Originals.

For those of you who dont know (where have you been?) The Originals is a spin off of The Vampire Diaries. The Originals is set to premire in the US on The CW on 8 October 2013 and SYFY will follow in the UK on 22 October 2013; not on ITV2 as expected. ITV2 are yet to confirm the air date of TVD season 5 which may mean The Originals will air ahead of TVD. This makes me slightly nervous that it may contain some spoilers. In recent years ITV2 have premired TVD in October so I hope that’s what we can expect this year.


If you’re a fan of TVD like me then I’m sure your uber excited they’ve done a spin off. The series piloted during TVD season 4 and we know the show will centre on the Mikaelson siblings aka the original Vampires, Klaus, Rebekah and Elijah. We’re also set to see a lot of wolf girl Hayley as she is pregnant with Klaus’ baby, the first Hybrid/Werewolf offspring.

The series will be based in New Orleans which is currently being run by Marcel, Klaus’ protégé. Back in the day Klaus was building up New Orleans into what it is today when he was run out of town by his father Mikael. Marcel took over the construction of New Orleans and has settled in very nicely. Klaus is keen to take back his rightful place as town leader and has a fight on his hands to get there.

We’ll see the retun of Klaus’ father Mikael in flashbacks and learn more about Klaus’ past and his relationship with his father. Maybe we’ll get more of an idea why Klaus behaves the way he does.


We’ll also meet Davina, a teenage witch who Marcel has hidden away in his attic. Question is, why is Marcel so set on keeping her hidden? I guess we’ll have to tune in to find out! Another hour a week of witches, werewolves and vampires- you’ll get no complaints from me!

Check out the series preview below and let us know if you’ll be watching on Facebook and Twitter.


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