RIP Hiroshi Yamauchi

At the grand old age of 85, the man Nintendo called “dad” has passed away.



Yamauchi transformed a company that made trading cards (think less colourful Pokemon cards) into a computer entertainment company that will be legendary throughout human history. Even more – Nintendo are the only console manufacturer from all those years ago that are still making consoles. Out of the big three current consoles, only Nintendo has been around for more than 3 generations (the next gen not included). Of course he had help Shigeru Miyamoto┬áto name just one, but throughout his reign the buck stopped with him.

Yamauchi took over Nintendo in 1949 on the condition that his cousin – the only other family member employed by Nintendo – was fired. The man was ruthless. When some of the workers at the trading card factory went on strike over a dispute – he fired them. He knew he needed respect to run the company and he commanded it. Over time he transformed the company from making trading cards, to toys and eventually onto computer games.

When the NES and Gameboy were released any games the employees wanted to develop had to be run by him, and if he didn’t OK it, it wasn’t made.

His dictatorship at Nintendo yielded amazing results as the company went from strength to stregth, with perhaps a misstep with the Virtual Boy, the company quickly came back with the N64 which is still adored today by computer games fans.

He stepped down as President in 2002 – the year after the GameCube was released, leaving the company in the hands of Satoru Iwata the current President.

Today Hiroshi Yamauchi passed away due to complications arising from Pneumonia. Gamers everywhere have lost one of the founding fathers of modern entertainment – may he rest in peace.


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