Jurassic Whatever

Universal have excitedly announced the title of the next Jurassic Park and foolishly announced the release date of the next Jurassic Park film.

The film will be called Jurassic World and will be released on the 12th June 2015, nestled snugly between at least half a dozen films that will make more money than it.

I will support this film simply because there is a bafflingly lack of dinosaurs in modern Hollywood. But this comes after the unwatchable Jurassic Park 3, the pretty naff Lost World and the still incredible Jurassic Park, which is now twenty years old. Man that’s tough to type.

People cherish the original but does anyone really want a new Jurassic Park. If we have to have it, let’s go big with it please? Just truckloads of dinosaurs going berserk in… Let’s say Pontypridd, just because.


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  1. In Pontypridd, would anyone notice if the dino’s trashed it?

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