Robocop 2014 Trailer

I’m very much on the fence with this whole “We’ll remake all the classic 80’s films because we can’t come up with anything original and we know people will pay to see this because they loved the original and we just want to make money” thing. I get it, and I’m one of the suckers that pay to see this stuff. But I also see the other side of the veil that says “leave this stuff alone and put money into trying new ideas”. There are a lot of arguments for and against this kind of thing. So in this particular instance I try to remain neutral and take them as they come.

With that said – I present Robocop!

The cast is great, but I’m thinking this is going to be one of those “paycheck” movies for Gary Oldman (anyone see The Unborn? No? Don’t bother!). I’m a big fan of Joel Kinnaman in The Killing. So this makes me a little more interested than I would be otherwise. Other than that? It looks pretty much like it’s gonna be 2012’s Total Recall – all style, no substance. They will likely have a couple of winks and nods toward the original, along with touching on a few of the key plot points and then revamp it, for what “we” would like to see in a modern digital age. *YAWN*

Just for kicks, here’s the original Robocop trailer. Because we love that 80’s cheese!

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