iPhone 5S + iPhone 5C

And so another year has rolled around with the inevitable new iPhone. It really has become a bore. I’d usually be excited at a new piece of technology but if you take a gander at what Apple have actually done with this “new” model you will see how lacklustre it really is.

So heres a brief breakdown:

The 5S has a new camera, improved processor and a fingerprint scanner. The rest I will quote from Wired “In the hand it feels identical to the existing iPhone; the design, screen, weight, thickness and materials remain almost entirely unchanged.” So yeah, you’re getting the same phone with some minor improvements and a new “bell” to play with. I have to be honest, after the whole NSA thing I’m kind of surprised Apple decided to go ahead with that fingerprint scanner. But then if you don’t have anything to hide then it’s not an issue! Amirite? Yea?

5s 3

Apple have also released the iPhone 5C which is another “new” version of the phone but a bit cheaper. Why is it cheaper you ask? Well, it comes in a polycarbonate frame which they used on their phones TWO MODELS AGO! Oh but wait! To quote Wired again “the wallpaper for iOS7 will match the colour”!!! Squeeeeeeeeeeee! Alternatively, it seems you can just go buy the current model of the iPhone 5 for around £100 less than the “budget” version 5C.

5c 11

Please don’t interpret this as me hating on Apple. I love Apple, I have an iPad which I adore and an iMac which I would never part with – in fact I upgraded to a newer version only a couple of months ago. But the way Apple are pursuing their iPhone business model is completely falling flat. They are leaving themselves wide open to attack from their competitors at Samsung and potentially even Nokia (with their new daddy Microsoft).

What do you think? Excited about the new iPhone? Or does it leave a bad taste in your mouth too?

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  1. Samsung for the wiiiinnnn!

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