Gravity Trailer


This is the emotion I feel when I watch this trailer. I just really couldn’t care less about this film. I hear an annoying mix of audio and a couple nice visuals and thats about it.

The film strikes me as being made as an experiment with an eye to a grander project. Someone who wants to try out filming space and see how good the CGI can be. Then for this small tester they happened to get a couple big name stars and turn it into something it was never meant to be (or similar scenerio just as unlikely).

A film like this is going to rely entirely on 2 actors shoulders and I’m really not sure if Sandra Bullock can pull that off all that emotional output required, I’m just really not convinced she can handle this in the right way.

I really hope I’m wrong because I know a lot of people are excited for this.

It’s out 4th November.

What do you think? Can Bullock handle the pressure? Did you like the trailer?

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