One, Two, Freddies Coming for You…

As you may have noticed from our Twitter feed and Facebook page over the weekend, NerdArena attended Cardiff ComicCon and it was sublime!

While I was navigating the comics, dvd’s, artwork and nerds I met one particular Nerd “Agent Provocateur” – who has written a guest article about her experience meeting the one and only Robert Englund. Enjoy!

“It would be safe to say that my love of all things horror started at a very young age;  from insisting that my mum buys me An American Werewolf in London as a reward for going to the dentist, or sneakily getting up late at night to watch Chucky.  But there is one iconic horror movie character that embodies my childhood love of the horror genre and that’s Freddy Krueger.  Freddy was the demonic soul, severely burned and with knives for fingers, who plagued you in your nightmares.  Despite the original and unique concept which reignited the slasher movie genre in the 80’s, the film, and more importantly its main character, would not have been the classic that it is today without Robert Englund.  As terrifying as he was cool, Freddy Krueger was the ultimate evil bad ass with a dose of undeniable charisma (is it wrong of me to say that about a sociopathic child killer who comes to kill you in your dreams?)

 A childhood dream (or nightmare) was therefore realised this weekend when I got to meet the man himself at Cardiff’s Comic Con.  Mr Englund is as charming as you would expect and is obviously appreciative of all the fans who embraced the character that has come to symbolise his whole career.  He was more than happy to oblige my request for a picture despite the ‘no posed photographs’ sign adorning the wall behind him.  As I casually posed for my photo to be taken cue Englund’s transformation into full Freddy mode complete with the snarl and instantly recognisable voice.  There were many cool things at Comic Con that day but nothing was going to top this lifetime horror fan’s encounter with the irrepressible Freddy Krueger.  “See you in your dreams” he muttered as I walked away………” – Agent Provocateur


And just for kicks, here’s a different fan CosPlaying Freddy from the Cardiff Con:

Comic con 177


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