Buffy’s return

BuffytheVampireslayerSo, sitting down for dinner with the husband yesterday evening and he casually mentions that they’re bringing back Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I don’t reply instantly. Obviously not quite understanding the large impact this would have on my life he actually tries to continue talking about something else.. the pause was not lack of interest; it was shock, excitement, questions running through my head. Like is this really true? How does he know before me? How will they bring it back, will it be a TV series, a movie? Where is my iPad?! I must Google immediately! I begin to ask these questions to my husband, quickly realising it was a complete waste of time I abandon my dinner in search for the truth!

Typing into Google ‘bring back Buffy’ didn’t exactly give me the concrete news that they were in fact bringing Buffy back to life however, there are plenty of rumours out there and it seems still plenty of interest and this is good news. Producers and TV companies can’t bare to miss out on a potential goldmine!

It seems all we need is a good storyline and for Joss to agree and it may just happen, I honestly don’t think at this point in Joss’ career he would be faced with the same criticism and lack of optimism he has faced over the years when it comes to finding a network to pick it up again. There have even been some rumours about Netflix showing interest in reviving the show. Most shockingly for me it seems Sarah Michelle Gellar would re-sharpen her stake for another slice of the Buffy pie.
Speaking to E! news SMG, 36, joked; ‘Joss and I always talk about (a movie), but the thing with Buffy is that Buffy was a movie, and it ultimately didn’t work as a film. ‘And we had such miles to overcome when we were trying to do a TV show based on a movie. And one of the reasons, I think, is that the story works better over time. ‘If there was ever the right story to tell, we would certainly do it. But I think there is also a great fear in that, and rightfully so.’

I may moan if they decide to take Buffy down a route I don’t like but I’m not going to lie, when it comes down to it I will take whatever I can get. I would rather see them bring back Buffy as a TV show, the same actors and the same fun loving script. I know a movie will leave us with so many unanswered questions and we’ll all be wanting more and more and more and more.
Even though I’m eager for them to bring out more Buffy I do wonder how it will work now Sunnydale doesn’t exist and if there could ever be a better ending than ‘Chosen’. Was this even a good ending? I’m sure there could be a debate on this. I’ve come to terms with this ending now but at the time no ending would’ve been good enough knowing that was it. No more Buffy. No more Scooby gang.

So, what do you think? Should they leave Buffy to rest? Were you happy with the ending? Do you want to see them bring Buffy back and if so, movie or TV show? Just to mix things up a bit; should they even pick up where season 7 left off? Or start all over again? Now that would be an interesting but (for me) a horrifying idea. Tell us what you think below, on Facebook or Twitter.


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  1. Bring back Buffy for sure! 🙂

  2. I’d love Buffy back anytime, anyway, anyhow; but what do we do with comics? Yikes! I don’t care what they do as long as they bring Buffy back to my tv screen 😀

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