Soska Sisters – Not for the faint hearted

So I’ve recently discovered the world of the Soska sisters of Twisted Twins Productions and what an experience! These ladies (Sylvia and Jen Soska) are relatively new horror movie directors from Canada. They introduced themselves to the world of Horror flicks with ‘Dead Hooker in a Trunk’ with a small $2,500 budget in 2009.

They then went on to produce, direct and star in American Mary which was released at the Film4 FrightFest in August 2012. This is how I was introduced to the Soska sisters. Trawling the internet for inspiration on under rated and under advertised horror films (my favourite past time) I found this little gem. I have since shared this viewing pleasure with friends who have all agreed this is a corker of a horror movie.

Based on Mary, a poor student surgeon who is so desperate she turns to underground surgery to make some cash. Initially sickened by what she has done for money she is put off until she is subject to drug rape by her tutor and makes the decision to drop medical school and set up a business performing consensual body modification. Not before using her rapist tutor as a guinea pig and performing body modifications without anaesthetic including splitting his tongue and making alterations to his genitals. Becoming famous for her work and her willingness to perform any type of surgery she is visited by Twins from Berlin looking to have their left arms exchanged and horns implanted in their forehead.

When I watched American Mary I was unaware the Berlin Twins were the Soska sisters. Since discovering they are responsible for the making of the movie it’s even more intriguing they asked to exchange their limbs. Where did this concept come from? It really makes it almost more disturbing and equally interesting to me.
Due to the fact I enjoyed American Mary so much I decided to seek out Dead Hooker in a Trunk and even after reading some awful reviews I kept an open mind.
The twins play ‘badass’ (Sylvia) and ‘geek’(Jen) and work off each other brilliantly throughout the movie in the classic good cop/bad cop way. When driving around with friends they discover a hooker’s body in the trunk of their Camero, after a messy night Badass is unsure whether she is responsible for the death of the hooker and they set off in a bid to hide and dispose of the body. Of course there are some ‘problems’ along the way and they eventually uncover what really happened to the hooker.

Ok so some of the reviews were right… the acting wasn’t the best, the dialogue wasn’t great, the camera work and sound wasn’t top notch and there were flaws yet, I still thought highly of this film especially given their modest budget.

Some things did annoy me about this movie and some fight scenes were almost old ‘POW’ ‘BANG’ Batman style and at times laughable although I’m not sure whether it was intentional. The storyline was strong and it kept me hooked throughout. Chainsaws, missing limbs, a missing eye, a burning body, some teeth extraction, some intestines as well as a disfigured penis… are just for starters. I think you get the idea.

I wonder how these twins came about writing their movies and how much their characters are based their own personalities.

Their next project set for a 2014 release is See no Evil 2, sequel to the 2006 See no Evil and I have to say I’m looking forward to what they do with this movie. I’m sure I wont be disappointed.

I’m sure hardcore horror fans are already familiar with the Soska sisters but for those who aren’t I suggest you keep an eye on them; I have no doubt there will be some great, gory, shocking and memorable work to come from them in the future.

Twisted Twin Productions 18+


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  1. Great review can’t wait to watch American Mary! 🙂

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