Does Any Else Think This Vin Diesel Thing Is Adorable?


Vin Diesel is an exceptionally masculine man. He stars in films that often have the word ‘Furious’ in them, his muscles have muscles and his voice sounds like Barry White after a six month crash diet of gravel and sandpaper.

Which makes it so much funnier that he’s like a giggling fourteen year old schoolgirl when it comes to keeping secrets.

For months now Diesel has been twooting, bookfacing, chatsnapping and hinting of ‘Big News’ regarding he and Marvel studios, sparking speculation about who he’s playing with just about every character being rumored (except Ms Marvel). The latest move is changing his Facebook cover photo to Groot, the hulking tree creature from Guardians of the Galaxy, then promptly taking it down. Oh Vin! Ya little scamp.

He probably is playing Groot and he will probably sound exactly like The Iron Giant which will, quite frankly, be perfect. If he ends up being a bigger character like Thanos I’ll be surprised. It’s an odd little campaign of secrecy and teasing that Diesel is playing but it’s frankly hilarious how excited he appears to be about it. And let’s face it, if I was voicing one of the Guardians and be singing about it too!


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  1. I am Groot is not a lot to get excited about…

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