But Seriously, What The Hell Are DC Doing?


Aside from Superman and Batman, The Flash and Wonder Woman are arguably DC’s biggest names. Both have had successful television shows and are surely recognisable enough in a pop culture sense to get their big screen shot, right?

What do I know? Warner Bros have apparently decided to keep them on the small screen (at least for the time being).

According to Deadline, Barry Allen will appear in the second series of Arrow and will be spun off into his own series also through CW, while the Wonder Woman series ‘Amazon’ is “on pause” according to CW President Mark Pedowitz.

I honestly don’t understand this. We know they are crossing over their films so why relegate the other heavy hitters to TV?* What’s the logic? Will they just fold the TV Flash into the films? That seems unlikely (although Arrow certainly matches the tone of The Dark Knight and Man of Steel). It’s really hard to ignore what seems like a huge lack of confidence from Warner Bros. and DC. Hell, in Man of Steel the name Superman is used once followed by someone rolling their eyes. Why so cynical DC? Why so serious?

*perhaps relegate is the wrong word. At the moment television is rapidly overtaking cinema as the go to place for serious talent and creativity. But Superhero adaptations require big budgets by default and the CW just isn’t going to deliver on that


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