What If… Bruce Wayne Is a Patient In Arkham?

“After the death of his parents, Bruce Wayne’s young mind cracked and he created the character Batman as a detective that would solve the mystery of his parents’ murder. Alfred couldn’t take care of the child that had gone insane with grief, so he sent him to Arkham Asylum, a place Bruce grew to revile. In Bruce’s delusional state, he made villains out of the caretakers and gave them names based on their physical characteristics or general demeanor. Since he would never solve his parents’ murder, he created stories in which these villains hatched preposterous schemes and he would foil them as a means to keep himself distracted.

Alfred would come to visit and attempt to be the voice of reason, but never could really get through. Dr. Jonathan Crane tried various methods to snap Bruce back into reality, but Bruce’s reality is so terrifying that he receded back into the delusion. Dr. Edward Nigma, a therapist, would try to reason Bruce back in to the real world, but Bruce would twist his words into riddles. So, he continues to chase these villains and bring them to Arkham Asylum from which they will inevitably escape – because they were never actually incarcerated.”

So this is a theory by slugboi of Reddit. And it raises a very interesting premise for a comic book. Imagine it as a kind of Shutter Island for Batman.

There’s a lot of potential with this idea to make a great mini series. Some of the comments within slugboi’s original post provide further plot development.

And finally, there is a very well crafted fan made, mashup trailer called The Batman Complex. Enjoy!


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  1. laura richards nee powell

    similar to the buffy episode where she was in an insane asylum. it could make a great mini-series, but would there be the cliff-hangar ending…. after all what is reality?

  2. Heh, that’s awesome 🙂 I would so read a comic/watch a film based on that.

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