The Worlds End Review


Before I start the article I’d just like to state that I’m not a comedy geek, this was a bit of an impromptu viewing. If I think a comedy film looks interesting then I’ll go see it. But it is not a genre I follow or am particularly interested in. I thought Shaun of the Dead was a good film, but I enjoyed the Zombie element more than the comedy. With that being said – my thoughts on The Worlds End…

Overall it’s very similar to the other two films in the Wright/Pegg/Frost trilogy in that, at the core of the film, you have Simon Pegg and Nick Frost being the main heroes in a fight against the horde. Their relationship (as always) is fraught with their issues with one anothers flaws and past wrong doings. And as always they find a way to overlook it and work together. I may sound like I’m being cynical but I actually really enjoyed seeing their relationship develop. The support cast (Paddy Considine, Martin Freeman & Eddie Marsan) play a more central role than the other two films making it more of an ensemble. Frost and Pegg welcome their new friends like they were old friends and they all work really well together. Most importantly their group relationships are believable – the whole film hinges itself on this, and it works.

Twenty years after attempting and failing the “Golden Mile” pub crawl, Gary King convinces his estranged friends that they should get around to completing it. The first act of the film introduces the characters and their relationships, with Pegg being a bit of a lacklustre “leader” of the group. I say lacklustre because despite his best efforts, he never actually convinced me that he was capable of being that cut throat, selfish, son-of-a-gun that we all know (and love?). He manages to convey the idea of the character well enough for you “get” it though. This first act was by far, my favourite part of the film, I think it beautifully captures the nostalgia we feel looking back at what people feel was a good time in their lives. It meanders through around 30-40 minutes of such nostalgia so well written that I completely forgot there was going to be a horde to fight. I could have watched them go on the 12 pub crawl and chat about old times for the whole film.

The comedic beats mainly come from previously set up “in” jokes between the friends. Theres some slapstick involved once the second act kicks in – as you’d expect, but I didn’t find it half as funny as the rest of the audience. But here is where I’d like to remind you I’m not a huge fan of comedies.

One thing I took away from the film was a new found respect for Nick Frost’s acting. I’ve always found him to be bland and fairly standard. Here though he gets the chance to take the character through an emotional roller coaster and flex his acting skills. He does a damn good job of it too. I then thought back at how different his characters were in Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz and found a great respect for him.

Considine, as always, is excellent but was a little out of his depth with the comedy, always seeming awkward when the pressure was on him for a joke. Marsan, another fantastic actor, again struggles with the comedy but uses the characters flaws to overcome his comedic shortfall. Martin Freeman was pretty forgettable, though that’s due to the writing of the character than through any fault of Freeman himself. And finally Rosamund Pike makes an appearance, but she’s there purely as a token female and isn’t given anything to really work with.

Overall I was really impressed by the film. Highlights were Frost, and the way the all the actors conveyed that camaraderie we all crave – that we’re not in this alone.

Released July 19th you can go see it now, then head to the pub for a few pints.


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