SDCC: Warner Bros. Announces Superman/Batman Film, Triggers Apocalypse

Well there it is. The sequel to Man of Steel, currently enjoying a $630 million haul, will feature Batman and judging by Zack Snyder’s comments and the above logo, he will feature prominently.

Christopher Nolan will produce and Snyder will helm the sequel. What they have confirmed is that while Cavill will still be Supes, there will be a new Bats. My money is on Armie Hammer.

What interests me more is Snyder apparently name dropping Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns as inspiration for the film (a quote from the book was read and c’mon, look at that Bat Logo). This is weird because a) The Dark Knight Rises took some of it’s biggest cues from The Dark Knight Returns and b) The Dark Knight Returns sets the pair against each other. Infact, it has the government order Superman to take Batman down. Does that sound like something that will organically flow from the ending of Man of Steel?

But this is a film that has been announced 30 minutes ago so speculating on and scrutinising the plot is premature and petty. Warner Bros. are making the wise choice here. They now don’t have to worry about trying to crowbar Aquaman in and can focus on their biggest names. I imagine it will retain Man of Steel’s tone and style which, depending on who you are, will delight or disappoint you. Watch this space I guess.

The biggest problem with this whole announcement though is that we are now one stop closing to losing 90% of the population to the KV virus. Which kind of sucks.


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