The Crow reboot starts shooting in 2014


Word is around ComicCon is that pre-production starts in October, and shooting next year.

What sets this version apart from its predecessors is that it aims to stick as closely to the source material as possible. This is quite appealing to me as I love the James O’Barr comic, in all its twisted poetic glory. It tells the tale of Eric, a young man in love with everything to live for, who has everything (his life included) taken from him. But for reasons unknown Eric returns from the grave to seek vengeance, but stops to help some innocents along the way. The book is full of beautiful flashbacks of his life with his love, Shelley, and really adds to the emotion of the story. Eric is not entirely sane and speaks mostly in prose (and I hate prose) but it works. As Brandon Lee himself said about the original, “can you tell me how someone who has come back from the dead will behaves”

The Alex Proyas film with Brandon Lee is one of the favourite films, so I’m cautiously optimistic about this


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