W00tstout Is Beer For Geeks!

Over the past few years Wil Wheaton has made a bit of a name for himself as geek ambassador on the internet. From his various interactions he’s admired by geeks worldwide for the example he sets as being proud to be a geek. Some of you may remember years ago it wasn’t “cool” to have a signed issue of Detective Comics. But now thanks to people like Wesley Crusher we can stand proud and not be afraid to reveal our passion!

Wheaton is also a geek about Beer. We all love it, but not all of us take notes on whether there’s a hint of roasted barley or whether it has a high or low bitterness. Wheaton does! And from his passion he has created W00tstout – a beer created by geeks, for geeks!

“Whatever it is that you’re a geek about, it’s not about that thing, it’s about how you love that thing”

Thank you Mr Wheaton!


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