Pacific Rim Review


This is cheese:
American Cheese
Good old American Sliced Cheese.

This is also cheese:
Pule is the worlds most expensive cheese, costing £800 per kilo.

Both are cheeses, both could be put on a burger, but you’d only really give one to the Queen if she popped around for a BBQ.

Pacific Rim is the Pule of movies, and by that I mean it’s cheesy but truly AWESOME!

Now the reason for the obscure cheese intro is simple, this line from the trailer (and obviously the movie itself!):

A few weeks ago I posted the 4th trailer for Pacific Rim, and I was worried about this one line. I feared I couldn’t swallow this super serious line in a film that is essentially Godzilla vs. Transformers, but after watching it today I can confirm it was the good kind of cheese.

Pacific Rim kicks off with an intro that had an intensity I hadn’t experienced since The Dark Knight Rises. It fully captures you with a short narrative that brings you up to speed as to why Rodan and Godzilla’s extraterrestrial cousins, or Kaijus, are walking all over San Francisco and other major cities around the edge of the Pacific ocean and why Optimus Prime and the Autobots – Jaegers – are punching them in the face. Also, and quite importantly, we are told why there are more than one pilot in the heads of these giant mechs; a point that was also annoying me, but again this did fit when understood in context. Then it’s straight into the action with Raleigh and Yancy, brothers who pilot the Jaeger Gipsy Danger and defend Anchorage. What follows is an epic fight and our first good look and both giants in action, all before the title card is shown.
The action does slow down toward the middle of the movie, replaced with your classic dramatic set pieces – fallen hero coming good, underestimated young one fighting for their goal, the grizzled veteran and the crazy doctor. We also see a futuristic Hong Kong, which shares many a similarity to the L.A. we saw in Blade Runner – plenty of neon, a bit grimy and it’s always raining, but it’s the near future city I’ve always wanted to live it. Especially if there were massive monsters fighting robots, but I think my Home Insurance policy would be a bit pricey.

Charlie Hunnam’s character Raleigh Becket lacked a certain something you’d expect from leading action hero – charisma – but he’s by no means the worst we’ve seen or will see. Idris Elba as the excellently named Stacker Pentecost, is as you’d expect – he’s Idris Elba. Charlie Day plays the quirky Dr. Newton Geiszler and provides the comic relief, and those familiar with his work in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia will not be disappointing. Rinko Kikuchi is Mako Mori, who’s smile was a bright as the neons of Hong Kong, and I was pleased to see her play a female character that isn’t a generic sex kitten/damsel in distress.

The true stars of Guillermo del Toro’s creature feature are the creatures…and the mechs. With del Toro’s style written all over them, these awesome giants also have some loving nods towards Ishiro Honda and Ray Harryhausen. You can see Honda’s influence in Kaijus while also seeing del Toro’s own stylistic stamp of greatness. The Jaegers were phenomenal, and seriously gave me goosebumps in childish glee. There are enough details given about the Jaegers to give the Nerd in you satisfaction (“50 Diesel engines per muscle strand” made me grin like a maniac) without boring the less nerdy ones. The Jaegers will go down in ‘Great list of things I really want’ along with the Batmobile Tumbler, Luke Skywalker’s Blue Lightsaber, Iron Man suit and the Millennium Falcon.

With stunning visuals that more than make up for any substance some may find lacking, Pacific Rim is a serious must see, so far my Film of the Year – slightly edging out Iron Man 3. The dialogue may be cheesy, but it’s the good type of cheese and the action is mind blowing. Go see Pacific Rim now.



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