Grand Theft Auto V: Official Gameplay Video


Ok, ok. This is a bit of a break from the norm as we try to be a family friendly bunch here at NerdArena HQ. Don’t do drugs kids and…uh…stay in school. See?

But Rockstar have just released an official gameplay video for the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto V and, well WOW. Rockstar have taken the already excellent open world model we saw in GTA 4 and have blown it apart and rebuilt it like some kind of Robocop of open world games – Part Game. Part Real World. All Awesome. The future of Gameplay.

Boasting swimming, flying, sports, shooting, stock market dealing, driving, tattoos, shooting, sharks, mountains, helicopters, shooting, shopping and a lot, lot more, this will be a feast for all your senses.

Enjoy and please be warned there is a little bit of swearing and a lot of shooting.

I know right?!


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Age of Ultron signed cover


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