The Difference between Marvel and DC’s movie worlds


I just read a highly intelligent article at about the disparity between the message Marvel and DC put across in their films.

There is a pervailance in modern media, be it film, books, tv etc, that everything needs to be all gritty and edgy. You need only compare Christian Bale’s Batman ‘voice’ to animated Batman’s Kevin Conroy and you can see there’s a world of difference. Even the ill-fated Superman Returns was thematically closer to the source material than Man of Steel. One could argue Batman Forever is closer to the comics than The Dark Knight Returns, but I am not that person..

The music and literature I most resonate with I’d consider pretty dark, but the article really highlights that I much prefer the tone of Marvel’s films to that of DC’s. They certainly do have a more positive feel, and I left the theatre feeling less morose than after Man of Steel.

What’s your opinion?


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  1. Marvel knows what they’re putting out. They know what they’re making. They’re not trying for high art that will transcend the ages. They’re making popcorn flicks. Summer blockbusters. So they keep the emphasis on making the movies fun. That’s not to say they’re dumb – they’re not. But the intelligence is there to add to the fun.

    DC seems to think they’re making smart movies. Fun takes a back seat to the gritty realism. So we end up with joyless, humourless, pretentious crap. These are superhero movies, not Citizen Kane. They’re about people putting on costumes and punching other people. They’re wish fulfillment, escapist fantasies. DC doesn’t seem to get that.

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