“Welcome Back To Earf!” Independence Day 2 Official


Independence Day 2 has been announced with a release date of the 3rd of July, 2015.

I may be alone here but I’ve been waiting for this film since forever. Independence Day was my first big Summer Blockbuster cinema and it completely blew my mind. It is utterly sincere in it’s stupidity, it’s plot holes are bigger than it’s spaceships but it teaches us a valuable lesson. That the Americans will be the ones to figure out how to save us.

I’m not relishing the switch to CGI (there’s something so charming about the mostly practical effects of the first film) and I doubt they’ll get anyone from the first film (maybe a Pullman cameo?) but I’m there.

Also, how amazing is 2015 starting to sound?



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  1. We will be saved by USB!

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