Xbox One Update – Microsoft do a U-turn


Just when I finally decide I’ll be getting a PS4, along with 82% of you guys, Don Mattrick has changed his mind.

Microsoft have announced the Xbox One will not require an internet connection to play games and there will be no used games restrictions.

Don Mattrick has said he has listened to many people’s comments and feedback and he’d like to thank those for helping shape Xbox’s future, and as it stands thats future is looking a hell of a lot better than a week ago.

I don’t think I can deliver this important information any better than Mr Mattrick himself, the Xbox Wire article states the following:

‘An internet connection will not be required to play offline Xbox One games – After a one-time system set-up with a new Xbox One, you can play any disc based game without ever connecting online again. There is no 24 hour connection requirement and you can take your Xbox One anywhere you want and play your games, just like on Xbox 360.

Trade-in, lend, resell, gift, and rent disc based games just like you do today – There will be no limitations to using and sharing games, it will work just as it does today on Xbox 360.

In addition to buying a disc from a retailer, you can also download games from Xbox Live on day of release. If you choose to download your games, you will be able to play them offline just like you do today. Xbox One games will be playable on any Xbox One console — there will be no regional restrictions.’

These changes will impact some of the scenarios we previously announced for Xbox One. The sharing of games will work as it does today, you will simply share the disc. Downloaded titles cannot be shared or resold. Also, similar to today, playing disc based games will require that the disc be in the tray.

This is very interesting news and I feel a total game changer, I’m surely not alone in having to rethink my choice. Many now will have the opportunity to play the new Halo, as well as many of the other exclusives such as Ryse: Son of Rome and Titanfall. All this being said I cant help but worry if the damage has been done, is it too little, too late? The privacy issues will always be a problem for some, especially gamers like me who play primarily in their pants. Don’t judge me. Also Sony have the advantage of a much cheaper console price, and still no futher information regarding backwards compatibility.

Time will tell who will win the ‘console war’, either way our wallets and social lives will be casualties.

What are your thoughts? Let us know below.



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